Zasche, Theodor - portrait of a lady

Initially, I had read this miniature portrait as signed "Th Fasche" and thought it was probably the German artist recorded by Blattel as Th Fascher and active around 1894.

However, a kind visitor to the blog has suggested it is more likely to be signed "Th Zasche" and on checking the signature, I can see he is correct.

The visitor has also kindly provided the following information on Theodor Zasche, as well as a photograph of him taken in 1910.

Theodor Zasche (18 Oct 1862-15 Nov 1922) was born and died in Vienna. He was a painter and caricaturist and was the son of the well documented miniature painter, Josef Zasche (1821-1881).

Theodor studied at the Viennese college of arts and crafts under under F. Laufberger and J.V. Berger, including learning techniques for using pastels and enamels.

He had numerous illustrations published in magazines including; ("Floh (Flea)"; "Wiener Witzblatt (Viennese Joke Sheet)"; "Lustige Blätter (Merry Pages)", Berlin; "Fliegende Blätter (Flying Pages)", München).

From 1910 he worked for "Volkszeitung" and from 1920 for the "Wiener Luft".

The sitter is unknown. 913

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