Hochelber, Franz Joseph - portrait of 19C lady

This miniature portrait is signed "F Hochelber pinxit 1822", but the artist is unrecorded in Blattel.

A reference has been found to Franz Joseph Hochelber, see Hochelber, Franz Augustin /1792 - 1853/WWW.MLP.CZ -

The reference appears to be in Czechoslovakian and hence I cannot read it, so I do not know how relevant it is.

However, a kind art gallery owner has confirmed that the miniature must be by Franz Augustin Hochelber (1792 - 1853) of North Bohemia. He was active as a portrait painter, miniature painter, and did some fresco paintings in a church in Decin (Czechoslovakia - today Czech Republic). He may be recorded in dictionaries of German painters of the 19C.

There was an exhibition in Museum Decin in 2001 with a catalogue and biography, but it is unfortunately only available in Czechoslovakian.

The sitter is unknown. 1121

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