Delatour, Alexandre - portrait of 19C lady

This miniature portrait is signed "Delatour 1812", for Alexandre Delatour (1780-1858) (aka Alexandre De Latour), who was born in Brussels and worked in Paris, Amsterdam, and Antwerp.

He became painter in miniature to King William I as well as the Prince of Orange.

There are several miniatures by him in the Orange-Nassau collection.

Schidlof comments "The technique of Delatour is strongly influenced by Augustin. Like his master, he painted very finely, mixing gum with his colours, which gives them a soft surface like enamel. He is very far from matching Augustin and rather inconsistent in his works, however certain of his miniatures have much merit".

The sitter is unknown.

Literature: Les Peintres en Miniature p188. 1013

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