Winberg, Ivan - portrait of Russian lady

This miniature portrait is signed "Winberg", for Ivan Winberg (?-1851) and (active 1830-1846). It is thought that he was born in Sweden, but he became a court painter in Russia and his miniature portraits are included in the Hermitage and other Russian collections, as well as two examples in the British Royal collection.

Schidlof describes his work; "Winberg was a good miniaturist, whose works are finely executed with a pink colouring which sometimes gives them an appearance of miniatures on porcelain. ... The clothes are executed with particular care. In all one can consider Winberg as a very skilful artist of average talent.

The sitter is an unknown young lady of the Russian Court, and it is interesting to note that she is wearing a miniature portrait on her wrist. Judging by the collar of his uniform, the sitter in that miniature appears to be a senior army officer.

It is not known whether there is any significance in the distinctive brooch on her bodice, but it seems likely that she is from an aristocratic Russian family and so it may be possible to work out her identity.

Her hairstyle dates from 1840-1845 and hence the miniature is a later work by Winberg.

He painted many miniature portraits of Russian royalty and there is a miniature by him of Nicholas I in this collection.953

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