Gautaloz - A French Family

These three miniature portraits are believed to be of the same family, although they are unidentified.

Only one of the portraits is signed by the artist, that of the girl, and so far, it has not been possible to firmly attribute the name. The inscription appears to read "Fait par Gautaloz 1822" for 'made by' an artist with a name similar to Gautaloz or Gantaloz. However, those names do not appear in reference books such as Blattel. Hence, it is either a different name, or the portraits are the work of a previously unrecorded artist.

There is quite a family likeness between the mother and daughter, and as the pose is also so similar, it is believed all three portraits were painted by the same artist.

Both mother and daughter are wearing red coral necklaces, and the daughter appears to have a red coral comb in her hair. At this time coral was believed to ward off illness, which is a major reason for so many females to be seen with coral jewellery in portrait miniatures of this period. 1430, 1431, 1432

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