Dughetti, Giancarlo - portrait of a young lady

This miniature portrait is signed "G Dughetti Firenze 12 1951". The sitter is not known.

The artist is Giancarlo Dughetti and he was an Italian who exhibited at various places in Italy and on a number of occasions after World War II.

He wrote a book about painting portraits and another about miniatures.


1954 - Miniatures on ivory of Giancarlo Dughetti (Florence)
1969 - Giancarlo Dughetti (Milan)
1972 - 1973 - Dughetti Giancarlo (Pisa - Montecatini - Vignola)
1975 - Giancarlo Dughetti (Mestre)
1981 - 1983 - Portraits of the twentieth century for the Uffizi (Florence)

His work has attracted quite high prices, with this miniature of a modern lady dressed in an earlier style, offered for sale on eBay for Euros 1200 in early 2012.

He appears to have painted on ivory and board, as well as on porcelain. 521

Much later - 2015 -  I have been contacted by a kind visitor who has provided some more information and has set up a website in tribute to Giancarlo Dughetti. She writes:

Sono la moglie del pittore Giancarlo Dughetti ( 1931 ---1986 ). Scrivo la presente per informare che ho fatto un blog con le opere di mio marito per tenere vivo il ricordo e far conoscere e divulgare la sua Arte " LA MINIATURA " a chi non ha mai visto una sua Mostra. Istruzioni : andare su Google , scrivere GIANCARLO DUGHETTI . BLOGSPOT.IT appare quadri e miniature .
Cordiali saluti Anna Dughetti

Which translates into English as:

I am the wife of the painter Giancarlo Dughetti (1931 --- 1986). I write this to inform you that I have a blog with the works of my husband to keep alive the memory and raise awareness and disseminate the His Art " MINIATURE " to those who have never seen a Show . Instructions : go to Google, write GIANCARLO Dughetti . BLOGSPOT.IT appears paintings and miniatures .
Sincerely Anna Dughetti

This link should take you to that website which has more examples of his works:   

Giancarlo Dughetti quadri e miniature

And in January 2017 from the same kind lady, who is named Anna. 

Sono la moglie di  Giancarlo Dughetti  (  1931 - 1986  )    

      Scrivo la presente per informare quanto segue  :

Un  grande  estimatore delle opere di mio marito , mi ha
fatto omaggio di una  eccellente  BIOGRAFIA di Giancarlo
soffermandosi e citando soprattutto   RITRATTI E FIGURE .

      Ho pensato quindi di dare vita  ad un  nuovo BLOG
aggiungendo   - ( oltre a quelle citate nella biografia ) -
altre  riproduzioni  ,   solo però  di opere figurative .

ISTRUZIONI  : Per visualizzare il Blog è possibile utilizzare
                         il seguente  link  :


   premere ;     appare    " Ritratti e Figure in Miniatura."

      P.S.     Per vederli tutti ,  arrivati in fondo alla pagina
                     premere post più vecchi      ( a destra ).
                     SERENE SANTE FESTE       anna  

Which translates into English as:  

I am the wife of Giancarlo Dughetti (1931 - 1986).  I write this to inform the following: A great admirer of the works of my husband, I have did an excellent tribute BIOGRAPHY Giancarlo stopping and citing especially PORTRAITS AND FIGURESI thought then to give life to a new BLOG adding - (besides those mentioned in the biography) - other reproductions, but only works in context.

INSTRUCTIONS: To view the blog you can use the following links:


 press; appears "Portraits and Figures in Miniature."

       P.S. To see them all, drove down the page  press post older (right).
                      SERENE holy feasts anna


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