Prosdocimi, Alberto - portrait of young girl and lady

These sitters in these two miniature portraits are unrelated, but both portraits are signed "A Prosdocimi" for Alberto Prosdocimi (1852-1925) an Italian artist born in Venice. He taught art and the Princesses von Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen and Oldenburg were amongst his students. Prosdocimi studied at the Academy in Venice and became famous for his exquisitely rendered watercolor scenes. He painted portraits of both King Victor Emmanuel and the Italian Queen Mother. He painted many fine, atmospheric renderings of Venice and was also noted for his fine copies of Hans Memling's work.
The young sitter is thought to be Alice Mary Nolan, as the reverse is engraved "Alice Mary Nolan Sept 24 1916 Ann Rogers Norwood Dec 25 1948".
The lady in the larger portrait is unknown. The detail of the lace on her dress is remarkable and demonstrates that Prosdocimi was one of the best Italian artists of the revival period of the late 19C and early 20C. 665

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