Unknown - portrait of 19C Italian lady

Although somewhat naive in execution, as by an untrained hand, the quality of the detail of the lace is outstanding in this miniature portrait of an unknown Italian lady.

Even the close up images do not adequately depict the fineness of the individual lace threads. The overall size is 110mm x 100mmm so the skill needed to paint the lace is breathtaking.

From her clothing it would seem to date from around 1840-1850.

The miniature portrait is signed, but the signature is too difficult to read. An attempt has been made to enhance it as much as possible below, and any suggestions as to the possible name of the artist would be very welcome.

The signature is at the lower left of the miniature and may read A. D..umh.e..r or J. B..umh.e..r but either of those are far from certain.

It has been suggested as being by a North Italian artist, although there are similarities with another signed and dated miniature portrait in this collection painted by an Italian artist in Naples in 1852.

For more about that miniature, see View 385

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