Unknown - portrait of a lady from Naples

Although the painting style of the face of this unknown Italian lady from Naples is somewhat naive, the detail of her dress and the skill of the artist in painting the lace detail is outstanding.

The overall miniature is quite large at 130mm x 100mm so the skill needed to paint the individual lace threads is hard to comprehend.

It is comparable with a similar miniature portrait of another Italian lady elsewhere in this Gallery, see View

Frustratingly, the miniature is signed as shown in the two enhanced images below, but it has not been possible to read the signature.

It may read P. Napoli 1852, but the artist's name is far from certain.

Thus any help in identifying the artist would be very gratefully received. The red pigment used by the artist for her dress was not properly prepared and hence it has dried unevenly with resultant minor paint cracking and paint loss in several areas. 1448

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