Unknown - portrait of a naval officer

This miniature portrait is unsigned. It had been tentatively attributed to Carl Johan Frederick Viertel (1772-1834), a Danish artist, but a kind visitor to the website feels it is not by him, but is more likely to instead be by a Swedish artist.

A search of the Stockholm catalogue by Olausson has not revealed any obvious Swedish artists, although Anders Gustaf Andersson (1780-1833) and Lorentz Sparrgren (1763-1828) are possibilities. There are few rectangular shaped miniatures in the catalogue from the period around 1814. None of those appear to have the vertical shading in the rear, and very few have a similar pose.

There is an inscription on the reverse which appears to be in Swedish and read as follows, "officer vid marinen namnet okand ohterfange teas englesmannen 1814". This partially translates as a naval officer of unknown name.

The sitter is unknown. 963

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